Dros Adventure

Long story short, once I arrived in zero sector to harvest some asteroids with Malael and Gower the company was soon dissolved. Most of the members had joined the greater alliance and they had little interest in the zero sector mining that we were doing.

After slogging my way through zero sectors astroid hunting with little profit, I was quite tired of unstable the employment.  Malael and some of the other miners were able to find some contract work in Gallente space. To make things simpler I liquidized all ship and cargo then set myself up on a pod.  It took a bit of organizing but I found a group who was on their way to Gallente space. They charged a relatively small fee to ship me over in their cargo. The price they charged should have tipped me off that something was not right.

And I learned that age old saying: you get what you pay for. I made it to Gallente space, but not in such a timely fashion. I woke up years later, being defrosted by a pair of Gallente enforcers who told me that I was in storage to be sold in a slavery ring! The Gallente government had been tracking a larger ring of slave traders and happened upon the wearhouse where I was stored in my pod pending sale.

Important lesson, kids: even in space, you get what you pay for.

Apparently, they had difficulty selling old Jela because of my known podded status and the small reputation I had made the last time I was flying in the area. So once I was defrosted all the contacts I had made prior had already been completed contracts and had left the sector. And who knows what happened to Malael and Gower. I sent messages out to them as well as Chowder and some other older friends, but no one was in the areas to respond.

Upon checking my banking accounts I found my funds much lower then when I had last seen them. I have a few station apartments and properties in storage here and there in various systems that I travel to frequently. It saves on having to find accommodations when traveling a lot. I pay for these using automatic deduction which apparently dried up the bulk of my savings. This made it impossible for me to purchase a large enough ship to start any contracts anyway.

So there I was, with little cash and without a ship and no contacts. I did the best I could and found a company that was actively hiring, Dros Enterprises.

Sometimes when you make one bad decision it compounds upon itself. Another important lesson.

Dros was advertising employment for genetal security, transport piolets, and science personnel. The pay was listed as reasonable and the company had a good reputation around the station. I was easily hired on as a piolet and started making cargo and personnel transport runs on a company ship. It was strange flying a ship that didn’t belong to me. It just was comforting knowing if I broke it I didn’t have to pay for it.

There were several weeks of these monotonous shipment runs up and down a route Dros was using exclusively. We were asked to stay on route and not to ask questions. My supervisor did not know any details of where all the supplies and people were going. It was a bit difficult to tell what Dros Enterprises actually did. I got curious and couldn’t help myself asking other piolets about the company. I was only able to discover that the other piolets were hired on recently to the company like me and were just as clueless as me.

My route did change slightly each day which made the tasks less monotonous. But it was easy to see that all the shipments were running in one direction into a region of mostly empty space. Eventually I was told to wait for further instructions at a remote station. I was there for a few weeks and learned that the station was packed with Dros employees. There was a mix of support staff and lots of well educated egg heads. No one seemed to know what Dros was doing on this remote system.

I met a security officer who was asking a lot questions in a bar. We all had personal time so many of us spent lots of time in the bars and dance clubs. This guy, Corbin, didn’t find out too much information other than Dros found something out in a remote location. Apparently one of the smaller companies in the alliance is an exploration corp. Dros had been spending a majority of their funds in supporting and suppling a recent find starting around three months ago.

Corbin had a lot of guesses as to what the alliance could have found but it was quite obvious that it was something big and valuable.

Soon after this conversion I was given orders in a general meeting to fly supplies to a newly constructed station. The coordinants were very remote. The supervisor stated that once we left our current location we could not contact others about the actions and work being done by the alliance. We all signed a nondisclosure aggrement with a lot more questions than answers.






Moving On

I reprocessed and sold all the junk items I had collected during agent mission and looting pirates at the Ammar Empior Family station. I am glad to be moving out of Ammar space. It was a little unnerving to be so close to evil. I understand that it is not black and white, but knowing doesn’t alleviate the nervous itch under my skin that has been there since entering this region a month ago. It has been a long time since my people, the Minmatar, and Ammar had issues, but my family raised me to be wary of our former overlords. I am frightened to go to zero sec, but it should be better than staying here. Perhaps I could even find a home unattached to history.

Most of the members of the alliance are already in zero section of space. I am getting news about the progress of the corporation and alliance through Chowder Chopper. Chester has been annoyed about the strictness of the alliance rules. Malael and Chowder agree with him. From what I hear of it, I think the best solution will be to shoot alliance management for being so serious. Our corporation was formed for members who like to live as they wish not to be bossed around by equals.

After I sold all of my junk I flew back to Allebin in Caldari space where I had stashed some extra Rifters and my old Reaper over a year ago. It felt cleansing to get rid of all my extra assets before moving on to a more difficult challenge. I really like Caldari space. I remember how much I enjoyed living here upon exiting the jump gate. It seems more scenic and more pleasant to fly in. I have to meet Mal in Masalles, a system only a few jumps from where I had left my ships in Caldari so this was a small detour. After selling my extra ships I was able to fly to Masalles without incident. After Malael and Gower join me, we are flying down to zero sec and a whole new mess of asteroids to kill.

Sorley in Need of Support

I sent a short message to Gower Sorley a week after joining Necrotic Legion. Gower was a core member of Equites Enterprises while Malael was running the business. I had gotten close to Gower on the long mining expeditions when he would patrol the asteroid belt to defend company assets. Anyone who has mined asteroids knows the long hours of boredom are integral to the operation and that leaves plenty of time to get to know people. He had become family to all the miners.

Gower had never been interested in mining but was more of an enthusiastic combat pilot surrounded by low key carebears. I think the most combat Gower ever encountered was low rank pirates during the mining operations and agent missions with Chowder. He has always talked of moving to the zero security regions of space, and he likes to dream big. I figured that is why he and Mal get along so well. They both like to push themselves to reach for the end of space.

Dr. Dodd reminds me of Gower every time I talk to him and I am not sure why. I just know they would get along well. They seem to be similar souls. They are both very courteous and have a touch of naïveté. But they make up for any shortcomings with enthusiasm and creativity.

After I had sent Gower that short message I didn’t hear back from him. It wasn’t until today that Mal was able to contact him. Mal knew that I wanted to get him to join us in zero sec, so he insisted that I talk to him. Gower seemed torn. He does have a well formed routine back in our old system, but it is not as exciting as the zero rules and endless possibilities of zero sec. I told Gower all the new things that I now have access to and I detailed my adventures since joining Necrotic Legion.

At the end of my descriptions he became determined to join us as soon as possible! Mal told me that he knew Gower would cave when I talked to him. I was very surprised and bashful that both of them held me in such high regard. It will be nice to meet up with our old friend again. And maybe I will even have the opportunity to kick his ass in combat.

Superior Leadership

RedBeard, leader of the alliance, sent a message to all alliance members last night. He is requiring all combat ships to carry at least one exotic dancers and one spirits in their ships at all times.

What a waste of an interstellar message.

I already carry them.

Just kidding.

Death to Science: Adventures in Agent Missions

It is slow for us miners right now. It is unsafe to fly Hulks, even in high security regions of space. Normally Concord protects pilots against random attacks by pirates, but there is a general bounty placed on Hulks by high ranking pirates. They dub this ten day period “Hulkagedon”. The idea was originally created by the Hulk manufactures to increase value and demand of the ship, as if it wasn’t valuable enough. They seem to make quite bit of profit because this is the third consecutive Hulkageddon. They are on a six month schedule; apparently once a year is not enough for those that like to make life hard on the little guy. Although the manufacturers are the terrorist leaders, the pirates are the suicide pilots that volunteer to sacrifice their ships to this genocide mission.

To me, Hulkagedon just means that I had to keep my Hulk in the station and finally get around to fitting some guns on my Rifter. I have wanted to start some combat flying but I just haven’t put in the time. Malael was nice enough to help me get everything set up and show me a few pointers. It is very different flying a small ship instead of the clunky mining barge. When mining in my Hulk everything just feels like it is speeding by. There is never any movement within the ship unless getting bumped by another ship. The joke is to gently nudge a fellow miner and spill his coffee in his lap when it is least expected. I know Mal and I have done this to each other several times.

Flying the combat frigate is the opposite to the Hulk.  I have to buckle myself down in my seat as the ship boomerangs back and forth while I try to orbit around targets. I am hoping that as I become a better pilot I will be better able to more finely attune my combat reflexes to this particular aspect of high speed maneuvering.

After getting my guns, I started my targeting practice on some low rank pirates that hang around in the asteroid belts. My Rifter is set up with enhanced shields and combat modifications, rendering the small pirates to be little more than gnats under my spitting machine guns. This makes them the perfect beginner’s training targets.

I also started accepting some missions from an Amarr representative with the Civil Services station. I can gain trust with Amarr by doing these small favors for them but right now I am mostly doing missions for the money. Most pilots run missions in between jobs but some exclusively make isk this way. Luckily I was able to get easy courier missions for my first few tasks. I was instructed to assist a scientist in collecting data because her assistant was having issues completing his tasks. After retrieving data from several locations she discovered her assistant was stealing her experiments. I was then sent to shoot down the ships protecting the station containing the assistant and then ending the assistant’s disloyalty by targeting the large container of explosives attached to the small laboratory. The explosion was satisfying. Although at the time I almost felt bad for the hapless laboratory assistant.

The next task I received included tracking down a scientific research lab where a scientific convention was taking place. Apparently the scientist I work for was snuffed by this convention and she was seeking revenge. I was fully willing to help her out for the isk she would give me for this small favor. The mission was simply to fly my Rifter out to the location, destroy the ships around the facility and shoot down the facility itself. With all these antiscience missions it seemed this “scientist” is drinking a little too much of the Amarrian cool aid if you know what I mean. I personally do not have a problem with science, in fact I normally support endeavors of the mind, but this does not override the need for isk and a little excitement. At the end of the day the score was -2 Science, + 2 Jela’s wallet.

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